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eTotalHost has an experienced record of hosting ecommerce sites for over 7 years.

Servers are backed up daily and disaster precautions are followed to ensure data is recoverable even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic loss of our facility. Off site backup are rotated at least once per week to a site 30 miles away. Daily backups are rotated into a 1 hour fire vault.

Multiple groups of T1s insure the availability of bandwidth. Our bandwidth providers are prepared and ready to add more bandwidth on short notice if your demands are great.

Payment Processing  eTotalHost has used the same bank for online processing for over four years now. Verisign provides our secure link to our bank for security. Processing is immediate and reliable. Charge card numbers are encrypted as soon as they reach our system. No where on our system do charge card numbers exist unencrypted. We accept all major credit cards including American Express and Discover. Checks and money orders are mailed to our P.O. Box and processed daily.
Development  We have html designers and artists to help you or develop your site for you. We have customers who provide the content only and we do the rest!
Reports Management

 Successful site development requires a great deal of information. We track referring site, page hit, bad links etc in daily weekly and monthly reports.

Every time you receive an order a copy of the order is emailed to you. This provides a high level of tracking your orders.


 Financial status and checks are mailed out every Thursday including all moneys received for your account.

ACH deposits will be available in the near future.

Promotions  Web site promotions are the ongoing challenge. We make available to you a search engine submission program that is kept current. We also provide you the ability to create promotional memberships with time limits set by you.
Customer Support  All hosted web sites are provided a customer care center with links to solve over 90% of your customers needs. Customers who do not find the answer they are looking for have the option to fill out a trouble report. All trouble reports are answered with an average response time of under 3 hours. For those customers that do not want to use the customer care center or trouble report, we provide a phone number to our support center to resolve customer trouble.

 Providing personals software to your site is a feature that sets you apart from your competition. We started our own personals software 3 years ago and have continued to develop and enhance to this day. It is currently a feature of many of our hosted sites.

With our personals we offer the following services:
   * Review of every profile and picture posted
   * Picture editing for poorly rendered pictures
   * Email address verification
   * Auto-resizing of photos
   * Anonymous mailer that keeps email address hidden
   * 'AutoMatch' to match search criteria automatically every day
   * 'Flirts' to contact a personal ad with just a click of a button
   * Up to 20 photos can be posted with profile
   * Multiple profiles
   * Read responses to ad online or in email box
   * Search by age, location, sex, preference
   * Search by demographics
   * Search by latest updated or added profiles
   * Search by keyword
   * Search most popular profiles
   * Search using saved search
   * Webmaster's Periodic Newsletter by email or online
   * Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide
   * Personals Success Stories
   * Automatic bouncing email notification to customer
   * Automatic posting of profiles and photos to Usenet Newsgroups,
     Yahoo Groups, and MSN Groups
   * Scam Arrest - analyses email content for scams and stops it cold
   * Automatic invitations to friends to view a profile or to join
   * Quick response trouble reporting
   * Free scanning of up to 5 photos
   * Credit card processing

Security  One of our founders has 25 years of data and network security experience. Bill Austin worked for Harris Corporation 15 years before starting his own network company. During his time with Harris he worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies and DOD networks both secure and un secure. His experience with secure networks for the military has provided him with a unique level of knowledge in the industry.
eMail Management  Keeping in touch with your customers and people who have asked to be informed of updates is vital to your business. We have written a mailing list interface to the database of you email addresses. Although we do not allow spamming we do provide an easy interface to target your customers with marketing information and updates.
Chargeback Management  We work to prevent chargebacks. These can be the death of an ecommerce site if not managed proactively. We have a chargeback ratio so low that we do not charge you with chargeback fees. If we have done our job correctly there are virtually no chargebacks.
Link Management  Links are important to all web sites. Link exchanges are the best promotion available. We have a unique approach. We provide you an interface to ad your links and manage them. We have our own spider program to periodically check all links and make sure that they are reciprocal and notify you of the ones that are not so that they can be updated or deleted.
Commissions  I you want to run a referring site incentive program for building traffic or memberships, we have the software in place to track and pay those commissions. Some sites hire promotion companies and we can handle those commissions.
Accounting  We offer a large amount of accounting and reporting to our clients.
Bulletin Boards  Bulletin boards are another way of building member loyalty. These are very useful in creating a place members go daily to meet their needs. Our bulletin board software is only available to our hosted sites. This software was written by one of the founders of eTotal Host, Todd Merriman. Todd has 25 years of programming experience and writes a large part of our software.
Gallery Solutions  Your site development team has several years with a product called Image Folio. They have learned to do many sophisticated thing and to trick the software into doing things that the developer did not see. We can mold this product into the perfect gallery solution.
Shopping Carts  Our shopping cart software is a mature product used in many environments form memberships to CDs, DVD's, videos and clothing.